Postural Analysis

Postural and Body Alignment Analysis

What is Posture 
Posture’ is the position or attitude (or orientation with respect to a vector representing gravity) of the body or bodily parts that requires a minimum amount of muscular energy to maintain a mechanically efficient function of the joints and muscular systems.

Why Posture Matters
Physical well-being depends on correct postures while sitting, standing, walking and exercising. In an optimal postural alignment, the Line of Gravity (LOG) falls through the center of most joint axes, evenly distributing the body weight throughout the body’s joint structures. This correct weight distribution allows the correct balance of ligament and muscle tension surrounding a given joint.

Benefits of good posture

Proper alignment for vertebral column
Improved balance within joint structures
Better overall muscular balance
A safer body alignment for movements throughout the day
Improved daily and activity performance
Increased self confidence

Static Posture – while not moving or with limited motion
Dynamic Posture – posture with moving body segments

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