The Professional Golf Fitness Association™ (PGFA) and United States Golf Fitness Association™ (USGFA) recognized as the world's first organization dedicated to golf fitness education, performance, and lifestyle programs for their members. Our USGFA staff made up of professional golfers, physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors, trainers, including the USGFA™ founder Larry Castro.

We are proud to be recognized as the pioneer of the industry. We have been instrumental in training and educating many of the top professionals and celebrity trainers you have seen in the news, media, country clubs, performance centers, athletic clubs, and tours around the world. Our staff brings decades of experience of both playing on professional tours around the world as well as training top players and athletes around the world. The Founder Larry Castro (PGFA™ Master Instructor) is recognized as a true pioneer in Golf fitness and has brought together the best people in the industry.

The Leader in Golf Fitness: The PGFA™ & USGFA™

The world's first organization dedicated to golf fitness education and development for its members, the United States Golf Fitness Association™ (USGFA), set out in 1998 to change the way the game of golf is viewed and taught. Recognizing that the single, most important piece of equipment in the game is the golfer, our guiding principle is to achieve better and healthier play through fitness instruction. Through our professional certification branch, the Professional Golf Fitness Association™ (PGFA), our vision is to improve the quality of people's lives by providing the most comprehensive instructors in the world and providing "turnkey business solutions" for our members and partners.  

Our commitment to the golfing community is to provide the most qualified and comprehensive PGFA instructors and now PGFA Wellness golf coaches available in the world. And quality endorsed facilities.
The philosophy based on the desire always to find a better way to achieve athletic excellence for both amateurs and professionals alike and to increase the longevity and enjoyment of the game. In 1988, we set out to change the way the game of golf is viewed and taught, and we recognized that the single and most important piece of equipment is YOU!

The USGFA™ meticulously researches programs and products to assure that our members provide the best information and tools available. The organization's strength built on the vision, character, and integrity of its members. With this principle, the USGFA provides comprehensive education seminars for the golfing community and PGFA Instructor Certification Program for select, qualified candidates.
The USGFA achieves its goal of "always looking for a better way" by meticulously researching new programs and products so that our members equipped with the best information and tools available.
Our membership programs offer different levels of participation with various: individual, business memberships, site memberships, corporate memberships, and PGFA teaching programs. All members receive newsletters, specialized product reviews, ongoing educational materials, including an introductory fitness program and the popular FitZone Golf Assessment Test.

We invite you to become a member today.

Custom-fit your body and swing is a sample of how the USGFA™ can help its members improve their play. Click here for more information on the various membership programs available. 

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