Become a PGFA™ Golf Fitness Instructor - The Professional Golf Fitness Association™ members are the most Comprehensive instructors in the World. Our program has been instrumental in developing the Golf Fitness Industry and identified as the true pioneers of the industry. Click below to read about Golf Muscle Activation™ (GMA)

Custom Fit Your Body & Swing™

The PGFA™ impact is evident on the World's stage with the growth of our industry, members, partners, as well as student, players, and members have seen globally.

Many of our members and participants have been seen on the Golf Channel, Fox Sports, NBC, CBS, PGA tour, LPGA Tour, Champions, European Tour, Celebrity tours, and Asian Tour, as well as Health Clubs, Chiropractors, Physical therapy, Medical facilities, resorts and country clubs around the World. Unleash your client's Performance DNA™!

The PGFA™ organization is only as good as its members and their passion for excellence. We believe that we must continue to be open to different methods and philosophies. Golf is a challenging lifelong sport and should be FUN. The greatest thing about golf is that you can play with any degree of intensity and still enjoy the game. Due to the fact we are all built differently, both physically and psychologically, our training philosophy recognizes that no two swings or people are alike. There are, however, fundamental basics found in all good swings and training methods. We look forward to having you become apart of the PGFA Team and family. Watch Larry Castro Founder and PGFA Master Instructor Video. 

Fluid Strength™ Equipmentt

• FS Strength Equipment
• FS Cardio
• FS Pilates Equipment
• FS Athletic Development Tools
• FS Video Analysis
• FS Yoga Equipment

“My goal with every student is to teach them to teach themselves” Larry Castro, Founder & PGFA Master Instructor


PGFA™ 2020 Certification Schedule

• PGFA™ Certification Programs Level 1-3 & Masters
• New PGFA Golf Performance Cycle includes:
• Fluid Tempo Club Fitting
• Performance DNA
• Analysing the codes of perfection

PGFA™ 2020 Certification Schedule
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PGFA Performance Center has created a new paradigm for teaching as well as performance training in the game of golf. Learn how to become a PGFA Performance Center. More Info


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